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Learning Fair Today

If you are a Personal Assistant (PA) in care, employer or want to find out more about training opportunities in the care sector then you’ll find all the training you need at our Learning Fair taking place today.  Full details can be found here:

PA Induction

The PA Induction is now live!

We'd like to invite you to join our Free online training course: PA induction.

New for 2020

If you are a newly-employed, or existing personal assistant, this course is a vital part of your learning

This free training is available for disabled people employing a Personal Assistant (PA) and Personal Assistants (PAs)

You can start and complete the course on any device: smart mobile phone, PC, Mac, iPad/tablet

You can start, pause and complete the course at any time; whatever suits your schedule 

The course will help you improve your skills in a way that is specific to your role

Care Pair

The Disability Resource Centre use CarePair to provide people that have set-up a Direct Payment to be in control of employing their own Personal Assistant (PA).

CarePair is a free service helping carers and employers find each other as quickly and easily as possible, suggesting the most appropriate pairings based on things you both have in common.

If you are a PA looking for work simply enter your details, tell the database what you’d be happy to do, your lifestyle and job preferences, when you are available to work and let CarePair find the right position for you.

Further information about The Disability Resource Centre can be found here:

 Personal Assistant Vacancies

Personal assistants are employed by disabled or older people who need someone to help with their daily needs, both personal and social.

The Disability Resource Centre is pleased to be able to post jobs from employers who are looking to recruit personal assistants. Each employer and each job is different. Hours of work, duties and skills required vary for each employer.

Please note that messages sent and received through this system are confidential and therefore not monitored.  If you have any concerns about the content of messages or profiles please contact the Disability Resource Centre immediately.

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